Atlanta Regional Commission
Ethnic Communities Fact Sheets


The Atlanta Regional Commission has awarded a consulting contract to Urban Information Associates to update and augment a series of Ethnic Communities Fact Sheets. The project recognizes the dramatic growth of many immigrant communities in Greater Atlanta over the past two decades. The Fact Sheets will provide information useful to organizations and service providers working with immigrant communities. The information will also document the contributions that foreign-born residents are making to Atlanta’s regional economy.

The project will include organizing a series of focus groups with representatives of several prominent ethnic communities, including Mexicans, Vietnamese, Nigerians, Chinese, Koreans and Asian Indians, among others.

The consultant team is led by Joe Nathanson, president of Urban Information Associates. He will be assisted by a group of researchers based at Georgia State University. They include anthropologist Jeremy S. Kart, who previously participated in the development of Globalizing Georgia, a multicultural directory of community organizations, service providers and media outlets serving the state’s many ethnic communities.

The project director for the Atlanta Regional Commission is Aline Cristesco, Outreach Coordinator. For further information about the project contact Ms. Cristesco at

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