Downtown Revitalization
Market Analysis/Feasibility Studies

Brunswick, Maryland

Brunswick is a town of approximately 5,000 people located in southwestern Frederick County, Maryland on the banks of the Potomac River, along the C&O Canal and the main line of the former Baltimore and Ohio railroad system. The town is located near several major tourist centers, including Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. Brunswick's downtown district is on the National Register of Historic Places, as an example of a turn-of -the-century rail town.

The railroad has always been central to life in Brunswick. Its selection as the site of a major B&O rail yard in 1890 created a boom town effect. Today, as the terminus of a MARC commuter rail line, Brunswick has begun to acquire a significant commuter population -- people who live in Brunswick and the surrounding tri-state area and commute by train or car to jobs in the Washington metropolitan area. This population growth has brought with it a new desire to improve and revitalize the town -- to bring in new businesses and retail services, to preserve the historic character of the town and to upgrade its image among residents and visitors.

Urban Information Associates prepared an overall strategy for revitalization of the downtown area. The study consisted of a general market reconnaissance, household and commuter surveys, and economic feasibility studies of specific development concepts. UIA investigated the feasibility of new retail/ service and tourism related development potentials, along with selective rehabilitation of existing structures within the historic district. The UIA project team, directed by Mr. Nathanson, consisted of economic development, commercial revitalization, and development finance specialists.

The studies strengthened Brunswick's position in its successful competition for a Community Development Block Grant.

The Mayor and Council
Town of Brunswick, Maryland

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